Powerful Allies, Teachers, Friends & Partners.

“In some Native languages the term for plants translates to “those who take care of us.” …Know the ways of the ones who take care of you, so that you may take care of them.”

~Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

These spirits can help us:

  • Reclaim our intuitive nature.

  • Integrate parts of ourselves we’ve lost touch with.

  • Heal our deepest wounds.

  • And guide our path and next steps.

Green and fungal spirits reweave us back into wholeness when approached reciprocally. Acting much like spirit guides, lighting the way. Reconnecting us to the wider web of our animate family on earth and remembering we belong.

Modern society has guided us to an analytical, head heavy approach to life. This leads us to miss the magic, wonder, mystery, and wisdom inherently within and around us. Our ancestors knew a different way of living. A way of being natural to us long forgotten. And a way of relating that our heart longs for.


To guide people into personal relationships with the plant & fungi spirit kingdom.

These spirits will lead the way to remember a world where:

  • The animate and spirit realms communicate with us and we respond.

  • Dreams are sacred portals for healing and divination.

  • Our ancient ancestors are the elders we long for and keepers of our blessings.

  • A sense of belonging and purpose are nourished from an expanded system of support.

  • And we reconnect to our own intuitive heart.

The experience will reflect a fusion of my rich work drawing from:

  • Plant spirit communication and herbalism.

  • Dreamwork practices and interpretation.

  • Ancestor work and healing.

  • Spirit communication and guidance.

  • Intuition development.

  • Ritual arts.

  • And shadow work.

Hi, I’m Marci!

I’m a fellow dreamer, intuitive soul guide, and modern mystic.

Over the last 20 years I’ve been on a path of spiritual growth and healing to reclaim my intuitive nature. And to explain the magical and unusual encounters in my life. When I started work with spirits of the plant and fungi kingdoms, I’d spent more than a decade building other spirit-based relationships. For example, working with spirit guides, angels, gods and goddesses of other realms, and archetypal energies. While these connections were rich and meaningful, relating to plant and fungi spirits impacted me the most along with my ancient ancestors. These connections have been profound, rewarding, and responsible for my most transformative and healing experiences. They have deepened my sense of grounding and connection to my body (embodiment).

Plants and fungi are generous in spirit and accessible. They exist like humans in two worlds at once. The material and the spiritual. The original ancestors of our ancestors, plants and fungi don’t have the same ego constraints as humans. As a result, they can partner with us to shift our limitations, expand our perspectives, and develop our wisdom. Over time, my work with plants and fungi have granted me greater self trust, self love, and compassion for both myself and the greater world around me.

"Marci is one of the first personal mentors, or more importantly people, that has allowed me to be MYSELF. I can authentically bring to her any experience, and know that I will not only be held with confidence, but that I will discover my own power in the journey. I value her ability to make me embrace and believe in my own value that I wake up with each day. My reliance in my own power has transformed the way I view myself, and that is a gift that I will be forever grateful for.

Marci's work is going to change the world. Having healers and teachers that believe in your ability, and focus on your strengths and powers is the key that many western practitioners have not caught onto yet. I cannot imagine where/what I would be doing without Marci, and I am forever grateful for her life changing work."

~ Emily G.

Why now?

In 2021 I started hearing a repeating message: “Put the plants on center stage.” I knew the message was about my work, but I didn’t know exactly what this meant. Eventually the messages all came together. Plant and fungi spirits were already center stage in my personal spiritual practice and had been for some time. But I hadn’t shared much about them publicly in my work.

Then it happened. A beloved ally of mine told me it was time to share how I develop reciprocal relationships with plant and fungi spirits with others.

Honoring this request, my Patreon was born.

What to expect?

Together in the community on Patreon we will explore methods and practices for cultivating deep plant and fungi spirit relationships.

After all, I’m a practitioner first with an evolving practice grown out of hours of my own trial and error as well as study.

In the months ahead.

I will cover:

  • Plant visitations and invitations in dreams.

  • How to partner with plants in dream divination and interpretation.

  • Attunement to plant spirits and how they communicate.

  • Methods for requesting and receiving guidance from plant spirits.

  • Plant spirit rituals to deepen connection and support intentions.

  • How to pair plants with ancestor work.

  • And shadow work and personal healing.


All centering on varying levels of engagement with a theme of the month.

And weaving together in a private community space that isn’t on social media yay!

"Speaking with Marci provided the clarity that I was seeking. It was empowering to speak with someone who actively listened and gave confirmation to feelings I was already having. It was also very interesting to learn about a new perspective on spirit/religion/energy. I have definitely been inspired to find and speak my truth from here on out!"

~ Jessica B.

Here is a tentative schedule for the upcoming months:


Returning to our true nature. We will explore how to introduce ourselves to the plant kingdom and answer their calls. As well as reconnecting to the earth and place where we live.


Dreaming with plants part 1. We will explore when plants visit in dreams and how to invite plants into the dreamtime. I’ll share dream divination plant practices.


Dreaming with plants part 2. Deepening our relationship with the dreamtime we’ll explore how to partner with plants in dreamwork.


Attunement with plant and fungi spirits part 1. Moving out of the dreamtime and into our waking life we’ll explore how to tune into the frequency of plants and fungi spirits.


Attunement with plant and fungi spirits part 2. Building on our work in part 1, we work with plant symbolism and ways to align with plant and fungi spirit frequencies for cultivating connection on a daily basis.


Plant and fungi spirit communication part 1. We’ll explore how different clairs relate to plant and fungi spirit communication. And I’ll share some meditative techniques to open the channels of communication.


Plant and fungi spirit communication part 2. Deepening our work from part 1, we’ll explore the role of consent in plant and fungi spirit relationships. And I’ll share alternatives to meditation to open channels of communication.


Plant and fungi spirit rituals part 1. During this month we’ll explore how plants and the elements can partner together to create potent rituals. I’ll share some of my favorite water-based plant spirit rituals to get us started.


Plant and fungi spirit rituals part 2. Building on part 1, we’ll explore alter creation, tending, and the role of offerings in plant and fungi spirit relationships.


Plants and ancestral spirits part 1. As we move into the season of ancestor work in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ll explore how plant and fungi spirits can bridge us to the ancestral realms. I’ll share some of my favorite ways to begin working with ancestors.


Plants and ancestral spirits part 2. Expanding on what we explored in part 1, we'll examine how plants of our ancestors can empower us to access our ancestral blessings and gifts. I’ll share some of my favorite ways to begin working with the sacred plants of your ancestors.

Here are some more of my favorite quotes from participants of recent online courses…

“Before joining Dreams Unlocked I was aware of my dreams and understood they had power, but I didn't take the time to unpack what that power might be or how it could be used to help me. After taking the course I can more easily identify dreams, symbols in dreams, figures in dreams, and/or scenarios in dreams that lend themselves to self-healing. Take this course if you are looking for alternative ways to seek self healing and self soothing!"

~ Damitri

“Before joining Dreams Unlocked I was recording dreams from time-to-time, but not doing any analysis. After taking the course I have the ability to make connections that I didn't have the analytical tools to do before."

~ Tiffany

"Dreams Unlocked was a fascinating course. Before joining, I was a very curious beginner with an evolving understanding of dreamwork. But now I have the ability to peel back the layers and look at a dream in many ways. If you're thinking about joining then your intuition is telling you to take the course! You will enjoy it and more importantly you will learn so much from it! These are skills you can take with you for the rest of your life!"

~ Carolyn

"My life changed with this course! Before taking Dreams Unlocked I dreamt a lot, but had unknowingly absorbed negative associations with dreams -- like feeling fearful and distrustful of my dreams and the power it had to give me messages. Since the course, I enjoy dreaming now and feel so grateful when I do dream. I had no idea that my dreams could point me to major obstacles in my life that I wasn't seeing but needed to overcome. Marci is an expert. She is warm and grounding. It's hard to know who to trust when it comes to energy work, but I feel totally comfortable and trusting of Marci. She happily answers the most basic and obscure questions, and doesn't mislead you into thinking she knows/can know more than she does. This course is for anyone who is looking to build a better relationship with themselves and/or the spirit world."

~ R.S.

“Since taking Intuition Unlocked I am able to recognize how I handle being overcome with emotion and how I can at times be overcome with other people’s energy. I’ve learned to name this pattern and get ahead of it before I get overwhelmed. I love how open, honest, and vulnerable Marci is. She makes you feel safe and provides an environment where trust and vulnerability can thrive. This course taught me how critical it is for me to stay in tune with my own body/intuitive knowing's to truly learn who you are on a deep level which allows you to connect with your own intuition."

— Kerri M.

“When I found Intuition UNLOCKED, I needed more guidance and information to help strengthen my connection to my intuition and be more present in my body. In the course I found new tools for connection. The practices really helped me develop my intuition and clear my energy. Marci is a wonderful instructor and all of her materials are super helpful. Anyone can see how much care she takes in preparing and delivering the course. If you’re thinking of signing up for a course with Marci, go for it!"

— Nia

“Intuition UNLOCKED will continually open you up to new pieces of yourself that have been hidden by society. Marci will gently nudge your soul out in a more public way, offering love and support throughout! As a result of the course, I now dedicate an elongated amount of time to myself each day! I do the practices that most resonate with my body on that particular day, rather than doing a strict spiritual practice that is more out of guilt than because I truly feel connected to it!"

— Emily G.

“When I found Relationship Alchemy, I was feeling really stuck in old stories of hurt, being too much for the people I love, wanting “too much,” or like everything was my fault or responsibility. Since the course, I have felt a shift in the way I approach myself and my partner in times of triggering and emotionally heightened conversations. I am able to be affirmative with and communicate my boundaries and what I am able/willing to show up for. I am able to receive her boundaries with less fear stories/more presence. I have also been practicing speaking up about when I feel uncomfortable, or when I need some space to process my feelings. Overall, our communication has been more compassionate.

Marci brings a balance of practical tools and inspirational wonder and spirit to her classes. She invests so much heart and energy holding space for people because she deeply cares about resourcing others to do their inner work in a way that is supportive, affirming, and growth-oriented. The magic of Marci’s courses is she balances providing guidance and mentoring with stepping back and allowing people to share their moments of connection, understanding, and clarity— which creates a community of people a little more willing to stand up for their unique voices and to love our shared humanity."

— Lauren - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions